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Jun 12

All Star return to Fairfield Hall


October 23 2019 Professional Wrestling makes its return to Croydon according to the All Star website

Oct 24

Did anyone attend this? They are returning in the New Year

Oct 24

I would be keen to hear any feedback, I had a couple of friends working that show.

Nov 3

Wow, thats refreshing to see Allstar advertising matches again, we had just a generic poster for a while.

Just saw this in the local paper for tomorrow night. Sorry it's not Fairfield's halls but it's only a few miles away.

I thought The Sheik passed away a few years ago

Oct 26

The Sheik (Ed Farhat) who was a wrestler who not only took on crazy matches but was not averse to causing real injuries to his opponents died back in 2003. He was depending on reports 77/78. Don't know how he lived that long with the injuries he picked up over the years. Stick an Arab headdress on a wrestler and suddenly he is the sheik and if he has curly toes on his boots he is definitely a villain.

Nov 6

Promoters stopped listing individual matches in the 1990s because of problems with false advertising

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