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Oct 30

Bert Royal - questions


I have a round about way of possibly contacting Bert Royal - so any questions list them here and I will try my best

Oct 30

Ask him about the photo of him wearing a mask. Why? What was he called. Where, when and why did he unmask?

Ask him why Steve Logan was allowed to take his British title for a few weeks in 1975. Whose idea was this?

Did Bert go to the original Bolton Stadium to see his dad wrestle and who was Wild Tarzan.


Where and when was the ROYALS Last ever Tag Match?....and

Where and when was VIC FAULKNER'S First ever Solo Bout?

Also for Both-Who were the Opponents?

Many thanx



Oct 31

Why did he choose the name Bert Royal, which he was using before the Coronation year

Nov 1

Good question because at one time it was claimed he changed his name in Coronation Year unless this meant 1937 not 1953!

OK, I will try and get these through, can't promise but I'll give it a go.

The Coronation Year story would have been a 1960s Kent Walton invention. He went to great lengths to disguise the true ages of middle-aged sixties wrestlers in general.


It's mentioned in the Mick McManus book of Wrestling (1970) which seemed to be a mix of truth and fiction, but this was a detailed answer that didn't really need answering Anglo, so I still think it was to portray Bert as younger than he really was.

Nov 6Edited: Nov 6

My question about Bert's dad and who was Wild Tarzan who he worked with so much.






Nov 6

Accept the challenge or be barred from wrestling in New Brighton? That’s a tough decision.....

Norfolk Snake, you have teased out some quality questions. Give us some feedback, please.

Its not quite as simple....I will draw a line under the questions now. I have to email them to a friend, who then has to write a letter to his Uncle - Bert ! It might take a bit of time and I am not sure how good a health he still in. So be patient...I'll see what I can do

Nov 10

Bert has always proved as illusive as a masked man. Which brings us to the subject of Bert in a mask ...


Thanks Norfolk Snake.

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