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Oct 19

Tyson Fury Wrestler


Boxing champion Tyson Fury is to follow in the footsteps of the Turpin family and take part in a Professional Wrestling match in Saudi Arabia

Oct 19Edited: Oct 19

Don't expect too much, the Saudi super show that WWE host isn't generally very good and a fair few wrestlers in WWE refuse to work on it. Fury is clapping his hands with rumours of up to £15million as his fee.

Oct 20

15 million? Crazy world.

Oct 20

It must sicken the wrestlers who are on a fraction of this and work their arses off night after night, no wonder there's talk of low morale within the WWE.

Oct 21

@Powerlock I guess the thing is, if WWE didn't need Tyson Fury, or the publicity he brings, they wouldn't ask him to be part of it and wouldn't pay him (I don't know if the figure quoted is correct).



Oct 21

@SaxonWolf that's the figure that's being bandied about but remember this is wrestling

Ken Shamrock, a retired pro and early UFC hero in his recent interview mentioned that HE WANTS A WWE TITLE SHOT...so yeah...understandable.

Oct 21

I believe Shamrock wrestled on the TNA ppv last night

Oct 21

Probably a massive exaggeration.

Nov 6Edited: Nov 6

According to the Daily Telegraph the wrestlers at this event were kept hostage on the tarmac because of a dispute with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia over payments but Tyson Fury left by private jet

they were late with payments but that's been sorted evidently Dave Meltzer who broke these stories has apologised, it was a combination of mechanical trouble and the delay caused the crew to go over their allotted time so the plane was further delayed, the wrestlers when they were delayed went to a hotel till they could fly out.

Ken Shamrock is definitely in at TNA Peter

Nov 6

Steven Bonnar is also becoming prominent in Indy Promotions

Timothy Thatcher is coming to the UK for at least one date, have a look at him on youtube , he can really wrestle

Nov 6

Timothy Thatcher was originally billed in California as "the British Messiah" from Leeds. Now when he visits the UK and Germany he is billed from California!

He is American, born in Sacramento, I think he is wrestling for Rev Pro in the next few weeks

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