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Aug 31

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Adrian Pollard '50’s Greats-Pat Curry

Adrian Pollard 2 Masks-Different Bouts-Same Bill!

Adrian Pollard 2 versus 1 Handicap Tag?!

Adrian Pollard 3 Bout Wrestling Shows?

Adrian Pollard 3 Man Aside Tag Matches-Did It Work?

Adrian Pollard 3 More Spanish Gladiators!!

Adrian Pollard 50s Greats Mario Matassa!!

Adrian Pollard 50s Greats-Duranton and McShain!

Adrian Pollard 6 Rounds-No Falls-No Submissions

Adrian Pollard A ‘Mystery’ Hungarian Wrestler???

Adrian Pollard A Very Curious 8 Bout Show

Adrian Pollard Across the Eras- Dream Bouts

Adrian Pollard Africa Korps!!

Adrian Pollard Ah so!-The Evil of Fu Man Chu!!

Adrian Pollard All Hail the Emperor!!

Adrian Pollard All Those ‘Young’ Grapplers!!

Adrian Pollard Amazing Personae of Martin Ruane!!

Adrian Pollard Another Greek Adonis!

Adrian Pollard Another White Phantom?!

Adrian Pollard Assirati and British Heavyweight Title!!

Adrian Pollard B/Holiday Treat For Hack and Anglo!!

Adrian Pollard Banzai Shozo!!

Adrian Pollard Barefoot Jack-Middleweight Champion

Adrian Pollard Barry Condliffe-a mystery revealed!

Adrian Pollard Bartelli Fights for Heavyweight Title!!

Adrian Pollard Bartelli vs. Walsh-The Civic Series!!

Adrian Pollard Black v White-Diamonds v Phantoms

Adrian Pollard Blackpool Wrestlers’ Reunion 2019!

Adrian Pollard Bluebird red Kirkpatrick

Adrian Pollard Bonus Quiz ? From Main Mask!!

Adrian Pollard Boxer vs Wrestler-Randolph Turpin!!

Adrian Pollard Challenge for Buck Taylor 64

Adrian Pollard Chinese Heavyweights-Eastern Menace

Adrian Pollard Count Bartelli-The Promoter!!

Adrian Pollard Curious Morrell Enclave-Lime Grove!!

Adrian Pollard Curse of the Murdered Wrestler!!

Adrian Pollard Defeats for Kidd and Robinson??

Adrian Pollard Diamond hard!!

Adrian Pollard Did Bartelli Fight Maskless Pre 1966?

Adrian Pollard Did the Royals ever lose a tag match?

Adrian Pollard Didn’t Jimmy Breaks Like Tagging?

Adrian Pollard Doctor Death Invades North/Scotland

Adrian Pollard Doctor Death-a second!!!

Adrian Pollard Draw for 1963 Ford Cortina

Adrian Pollard Embryo ‘Dr Death’ Loses

Adrian Pollard Fast and Furious 1970

Adrian Pollard Faux pas!! Kendo Nagasaki Mk. 11??

Adrian Pollard Felix Lamban-Spanish Gladiator!!

Adrian Pollard Fighters From Lebanon

Adrian Pollard Fighting vs. masked and unmasked!!

Adrian Pollard Flying To Wrestle

Adrian Pollard Frank 'Chic' Cullen-A Great Champion!!

Adrian Pollard Genesis of the Hells Angels Contd!

Adrian Pollard Genesis of the Hells Angels!

Adrian Pollard George-Unmasked- But Still ‘Zebra-Ed’!

Adrian Pollard Giant Haystacks vs. Pete Roberts!

Adrian Pollard Giants of the Ring

Adrian Pollard Giants of the Ring-Gargantua!!

Adrian Pollard Giants of the Ring-Hans Hermann!!

Adrian Pollard Gomez Maximilliano

Adrian Pollard Greek Tag Teams-The Hellenes

Adrian Pollard Harringay Arena-Atholl Oakeley

Adrian Pollard Haystacks' brekkie!-stax'n'snacks!

Adrian Pollard How Good Really Was Gordienko?

Adrian Pollard Huge and Mighty Body Slams

Adrian Pollard I’m Veidor!!-No!!-I’m Veidor!!

Adrian Pollard Inside The Palais-Vital Personnel

Adrian Pollard It’s All Greek To Me!!

Adrian Pollard Jon Guil Don-Martial Arts Sensation!

Adrian Pollard Jowett Dumbbell Sports Excalibur!

Adrian Pollard Kamikaze 1 and Kamikaze 11!!

Adrian Pollard Kendo Nagasaki’s Fateful Day

Adrian Pollard Kendo vs. The Zebra Kid

Adrian Pollard King of the Head Butt

Adrian Pollard King of the Mat/ring!!

Adrian Pollard Letters from Paul!

Adrian Pollard Leyton Super Baths!!

Adrian Pollard Lincoln genius-the Mighty Chang!

Adrian Pollard Lincoln’s Giants

Adrian Pollard Main Mask’s Easter Quiz Question???

Adrian Pollard Main Masks Rare Poster Gallery

Adrian Pollard Main Masks Rare Wrestling Posters-2

Adrian Pollard Maori Menace!-Haka!

Adrian Pollard Mark Rollerball Rocco-A Tribute!!

Adrian Pollard Mask vs. Mask Contests

Adrian Pollard Masked men fighting for titles?!

Adrian Pollard Masked Tag Teams-White Angels

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories – Blue Blazer

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories – Mil Mascaras

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories – The Professor

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories- Black Mask

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories- The Patriot

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories-El Olympico!

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories-Emerald Phantom

Adrian Pollard Masks and Memories-The Legionnaire!

Adrian Pollard Max Crabtree-wrestler of the year??

Adrian Pollard Maxine-and the middleweight title!

Adrian Pollard McManus and Public Warnings?!?

Adrian Pollard McManus-The Man You Love To Hate!!!

Adrian Pollard Midgets!!-circus or wrestling?!

Adrian Pollard More from Harringay Arena

Adrian Pollard Morph of the British Heavyweight Belt

Adrian Pollard Most Disqualified

Adrian Pollard Noose of the Executioner

Adrian Pollard Not Frank-But Big Bruno The Boxer!!

Adrian Pollard Obscure Facts – Count bartelli

Adrian Pollard Oldest Photo of a Wrestler Ever!!

Adrian Pollard On The Way Out

Adrian Pollard One for Hack and Anglo!!

Adrian Pollard One for Ron?-Hussey/Rocco Same Bill?

Adrian Pollard Outlaw and Zebra Kid Took On The Best!!

Adrian Pollard Pallo-Logan-The Heavy-Middleweight Belt!!

Adrian Pollard Pop Star Wrestlers

Adrian Pollard Prolific Bouts!!–Logan-Kellett!

Adrian Pollard Purple mask of Kendo Nagasaki

Adrian Pollard Purple Mask of Kendo Nagasaki!

Adrian Pollard Quasimodo in France

Adrian Pollard Reign of the Katt

Adrian Pollard Remembering Bobby Steele!!

Adrian Pollard Remembering Lee 'flash' Edwards!

Adrian Pollard Remembering Wryton Stadium!!

Adrian Pollard Ricky Starr-Poster Gallery!

Adrian Pollard Rome's Legions-Part 1!!

Adrian Pollard Rome’s Legions-2-Angelo Guisto

Adrian Pollard See-Saw Middleweight Title Feud!!

Adrian Pollard Sherry-The Toast of Wrestling

Adrian Pollard Should Bobby Barnes Have Held a Title?

Adrian Pollard Spectacular holds ctd-boscik!!

Adrian Pollard Spectacular Moves – Flying Head Butt

Adrian Pollard Spectacular Moves!-Portz Aero Spin!

Adrian Pollard Spectacular Nights of the Champions!

Adrian Pollard Spectacular wrestling moves-cntd!

Adrian Pollard Spectacular Wrestling Moves/Holds!!

Adrian Pollard Spooky!-Bartelli’s Fear of Number 6!!

Adrian Pollard Sting of the Red Scorpion!!

Adrian Pollard Strange Ring Names! Who Were They!

Adrian Pollard Streak of the Yellow Streak!!

Adrian Pollard Tag partners-solo on the same bill!!

Adrian Pollard Tagging with the enemy-Continued!!

Adrian Pollard Tagging With the Enemy!!

Adrian Pollard Tales of the White Angel

Adrian Pollard Tardis Travels-Before Bartelli!

Adrian Pollard Tardis Travels-Lincoln to Leicester ‘64

Adrian Pollard Tardis Travels-Lincoln-Doctor Death!!

Adrian Pollard Terror of the Mad Axe Man!!

Adrian Pollard That 'tomahawk' chop!!

Adrian Pollard The 'voice' of Doctor Death!!

Adrian Pollard The 3rd Hells Angel-Zoltan Boscik

Adrian Pollard The Axe Man Cometh!

Adrian Pollard The Bermondsey Boys!!

Adrian Pollard The Ghoul’s Last Match

Adrian Pollard The Silent Ones!

Adrian Pollard Tommy Mann-Middleweight King!!

Adrian Pollard Tony Martinez-Spanish Gladiator!

Adrian Pollard Top Masked Men Tagging Together

Adrian Pollard Top Wrestler Nearly Blinded in Ring!!

Adrian Pollard Tribute to Douglas Clark!!

Adrian Pollard Unholy Alliances

Adrian Pollard Unholy Alliances!!-Continued.....

Adrian Pollard Unusual Facts – Brown Mask

Adrian Pollard Unusual Facts – Count Bartelli

Adrian Pollard Voodoo Rising-African Witchdoctor

Adrian Pollard Was Mike Marino Over-Rated?

Adrian Pollard Was Pallo the First?

Adrian Pollard Weird wrestling characters?!

Adrian Pollard What Happened to the Mountevans Belts?

Adrian Pollard When did Billy Joyce start??

Adrian Pollard When They Were Young-Al Hayes!

Adrian Pollard When They Were Young-Alan Colbeck!

Adrian Pollard When They Were Young-Jack Pye!

Adrian Pollard Whipper Watson-Picture Gallery!

Adrian Pollard Who Saw Rocco Deliver a Drop-Kick?

Adrian Pollard Wildman of Borneo had ‘Issues’!!

Adrian Pollard Wolfgang Starck-Exciting Talent!!

Adrian Pollard World’s Heaviest Ever Wrestler?!

Adrian Pollard Wrestlers and Their Cars!!

Adrian Pollard Wrestlers who survived serious injury to return!!

Adrian Pollard Wrestlers with a 4+ decade career!!

Adrian Pollard Wrestling Meccas-Embassy Sportsdrome

Adrian Pollard Zebra Kid at the Seaside

Andy Drivers/Chaperones

Anglo Italian Alan Garfield

Anglo Italian Anti-Specialities

Anglo Italian Bull Torontos

Anglo Italian Fantomas

Anglo Italian Heritage Quiz (Set Five)

Anglo Italian Heritage Quiz by mark Reynard

Anglo Italian Heritage Quiz Continued

Anglo Italian Kings of the Canvas

Anglo Italian Matchmaker McManus

Anglo Italian Recurring Nightmares

Anglo Italian Sixties Nagasaki

Anglo Italian Ski Hi Lee

Anglo Italian What Went Wrong?

Anglo Italian Wrestlers’ Belongings

Anglo Italian Wrestling and Wrestlers Posters In Films

Anglo Italian Wrestling Controversies

ball.martin1 Help please 1930s Wrestling/Judo/JuJitsu

big_al_hibbert A bit of help needed....

big_al_hibbert Andre the Giant/ Jean Ferre

big_al_hibbert Forget Tonights Football Teams

big_al_hibbert The Royal Visit

Bill Parsonson Worthing......timeslip ???

Bill Smith Johnny Evans..Question

Bill Smith Just a test.....Viv Martell

Bill Smith Rollerball Rocco (the racecourse)

Bill Smith The Most Boring Wrestler

Bill Smith Tony “Banger” Walsh

Bill Smith Wayne Bridges.....................

Bill Smith What a Contrast!!!

Bill Smith Who Did Not Go On Too Long?

bjh99 Another Little Mystery

bjh99 British Titles

bjh99 Dale Martin’s Headquarters

bjh99 Dulwich Destroyer

bjh99 Johnny Stead

bjh99 Mike Demitre

bjh99 Northern wrestlers moving south

bjh99 Query for Ruslan

bjh99 Search

bjh99 Something else, everyone can really have a go at

bjh99 That Photo

bjh99 The Mat

bjh99 Wrestlers On Microphones

bkendo1 Pete Curry R I P

BuckTaylor64 First Wrestlers Seen Live

BuckTaylor64 Have You All Missed It?

BuckTaylor64 Kendo Nagasaki/Peter Thornley Interview

BuckTaylor64 Kendo Speaks To The Public

Callsignmag Haystacks

dana.elsworth Fairground Wrestling-60,70s

Dave Sutherland RIP Don Lee Jonathan

Dave Sutherland What Took Them So Long?

David Mantell 25 Years of James mason

David Mantell Dean Allmark

David Mantell New Book Out at Last

DJ Mask Heir Hunters – Billy Joyce

DJ Mask No Winning Falls, Submissions or Kos

Ed Lock Dave Morgan

Ed Lock Kendo”Came up with the ladder match and ...”

Ed Lock Posting YouTube Footage of Matches

Ed Lock RIP Norman Lowndes (AKA Maurice LaRue)

Ed Lock What wrestler, other than Spiros Arion, could have been used as World Hwt Champ in 1979?

fred1chinley Lew Roseby/Len Ross

garethjclayton Chief Thunderbird

Hack A Belle Vue Mystery

Hack A Grand Day Out

Hack Black History Month

Hack Britain’s Biggest Promoter

Hack Crafty Casey Pye/Rough House Harry Bennett

Hack Frank Robb

Hack Gerry Hoggarth, RIP

Hack Golden Greeks

Hack Happy Birthday Ronnie

Hack Jack Pye and Abdul

Hack Jackie TV Pallo

Hack Jim Stockdale R.I.P

Hack John Davidson, R.I.P.

Hack John’s Canadian Register of Imports

Hack Judo Al Hayes

Hack Jumping Jim Hussey

Hack Kitione Lave

Hack Mal Kirk

Hack Martin Conroy

Hack Men and Women Wrestlers

Hack Midget Wrestling

Hack More Belle Vue Memories

Hack Nonga Womba

Hack Otto Acron/ Aussie Dean

Hack Pat Roach

Hack Quasimodo

Hack Rik Sands, R.I.P.

Hack Ring Leaders

Hack Robert McDonald

Hack So, What Was Your Bestest

Hack Somewhere between lt hvt and hvt

Hack Those Bloomin’ Belts

Hack Tibor Szakacs

Hack What Happened To The Manx Men?

Hack WoS 2019 Tour Dates

Hack Wrestling Heritage in 1990

Hack Wrestling’s Forgotten Genius

Hack Young Atlas

Hack Zebra Kid Revisited

Hack Haystacks

j_shelvey Christmas Greetings

j_shelvey John’s Hungarian Register of Imports

Joanne A Time I Thought Was Forgotten

John Kendo Nagasaki interview/article in FSM

John New Cross wrestling, turn of the century

kelsogeorgia Help with a Special Reunion!!

Ken Sowden 'Mighty’ John Quinn Passes Away

Lee Howard Sparta Wrestling Club

leonard.frank1 Adrian Street

leonard.frank1 Bobby Barnes

leonard.frank1 Fit Finley v Black Prince

leonard.frank1 How Did You Discover Wrestling?

leonard.frank1 How long were you fooled?

leonard.frank1 I Wonder Why

leonard.frank1 Just for fun

leonard.frank1 Most entertaining tag team?

leonard.frank1 Oh Look, It’s Him!

leonard.frank1 Pat Roach

leonard.frank1 Rocco v Finlay

leonard.frank1 Sign O The Times

leonard.frank1 Strange But True

leonard.frank1 Swopping Sides

leonard.frank1 The Amazing Kung Fu

leonard.frank1 What happened to Bobby Barnes

leonard.frank1 With Friends Like These

leonard.frank1 Women’s Wrestling

Les Prest Ring Crews

Les Prest Wrestlers That Didn’t Turn Up

Les Prest Wrestlers Who Literally Started on the Booths

ls Kendo Nagasaki New Book

ls Kendo Nagasaki/Peter Thornley Live On Stage

ls Kendo’s First Ever Live Interview

ls Kendo/Peter Radio Interview



m.flan New Film Fighting With My Family

Mad Mac A Kid for Two Farthings

Mad Mac Mark Rocco

Mad Mac The Many Locations of Pete Roberts

Mad Mac WWE Network "Hidden Gems"

marbleseric Stefan Milla I am an old friend finding history

Mark Reynard Heritage Quiz

Mark Reynard Never on TV

Mark Reynard Something for Everybody

Matey Dave And So Life Goes On

Matey Dave Couple of Ugly Looking Gorillas

Matey Dave Did That Hurt You

Matey Dave Far Be it For Me To Be Positive

Matey Dave Give Him The Money Mabel

Matey Dave Good Old Sid

Matey Dave Harry rule verus our Brian and Yuri in a suit

Matey Dave Jimmy Breaks

Matey Dave Jolly Good Pals

Matey Dave Lets All Be Very Naughty

Matey Dave The World is Waiting

Matey Dave Was Kendo Nagasaki Over-Rated?

Matey Dave What Really Happened

MateyDave Here We Go Again, Happy as Can Be

NagasakiGoldthorne RIP Dynamite Kid

Naughty Neil Mick Collins Tribute

neil_uk69 Alan Armstrong

Newtown Blue John Ruddock

Newtown Blue Kiwi Wrestlers

Newtown Blue Where Are They Now?

Nightlight Which holds/moves held the most risk and/or potential for injury?

Norfolk Snake England v Pakistan

Norfolk Snake John Quinn in Blackpool Booths ?

nps13 Ashby de-la Zouch

ollysgrandad19 Carl Dane – The Outlaw

Op54nessie Biggest and Smallest

Op54nessie Blackpool re union Any news on who is likely to appear, as I met some lovely people there last year

Op54nessie Blackpool Re-Union

Op54nessie Does Anybody Have A Date and Venue?

Op54nessie Looking through old Derby programmes came across the name Dave Finch from Preston.

Op54nessie One Hit Wonders

Op54nessie Spiros Arion

Op54nessie Taking personal opinions aside, what became of Brian Crabtree and is he still alive

Op54nessie Was there ever an occasion where fighting broke out amng rival fans at a wrestling show

Op54nessie Were there any Russian wrestlers that came to the UK

Op54nessie What did some of the MC,S do outside of the wrestling business

Op54nessie Who would be considered, as the best wrestler to have appeared under their own name. No stage names.

P.A. Oconnor William Beech and Ike Beech

Paul Alaskan Tags

Paul Avoiding The Big Splash

Paul Captains Match

Paul Doc Dean

Paul Full or Part Time

Paul Heavyweight Golden Era

Paul Kendo v Quinn - And matches that should have been.

Paul Pressed Into Action

Paul Promoter No Shows

Paul Putting Others Over

Paul When Did Titles Lose Their Sporting Credibility

Paul Mitchell A Question for Bernard

Paul Mitchell RIP Bill Clarke

Paul Mitchell The Good Ship Eredere

Paul Mitchell The Mysterious Major

Peter Al Nicol v Robby Baron

Peter All Star Absent from Traditional Venues

Peter All Star Return to Fairfield Hall

Peter Classic eastenders

Peter Dave Reece

Peter Fanfare for Europe 1973

Peter Happy Easter

Peter Harley Race

Peter Kent Walton Article TV Times December 1960

Peter King Kong Bundy

Peter Les Thornton

Peter Omission from A-Z Bob Hagen

Peter Peter Baines

Peter Peter William

Peter Prime Time TV New Years Eve 1960

Peter Professional Wrestling in Newcastle

Peter Public Eye

Peter Salvatore Bellomo

Peter The Final Bell

Peter The Reckoning

Peter Two Events at Close Venues at the Same Time

Peter York hall

Powerlock Alan Colbeck

Powerlock I am back and a lot faster than I thought it would be.

Powerlock I Have A Matching Pair Now

Powerlock Marty Jones Recent Appearance

Powerlock Newsletter Ray Plunkett’s Wrestling Week

Powerlock One for the North East Boys

Powerlock Powerlock Dynamite Kid R.I.P.

Powerlock Powerlock One Wrestler, many Names

Powerlock Powerlock Pat Roach

Powerlock Powerlock Those Who Didn’t Come Back

Powerlock William Little’s All Star Wrestling

Powerlock Worth A Watch

Powerlock Wrestler Dies in British Ring

Ray Hulm Great Gama

Riot Squad 5th May 1962, An Anniversary

Riot Squad A Bundle of Dynamite

Riot Squad A Wrestlers War Time Story

Riot Squad Allan Armstrong R.I.P.

Riot Squad Another New Book

Riot Squad Belle Vue 1954

Riot Squad Bill Ross

Riot Squad Changes To Heritage Awards

Riot Squad Coalman Bill Ogden

Riot Squad Davey Boy Smith

Riot Squad David Franklin

Riot Squad David Roberts, R.I.P.

Riot Squad Dirty Dominic Pye

Riot Squad Forever a Teenage Idol

Riot Squad Happy Birthday Gerry

Riot Squad Heritage Christmas Songbook

Riot Squad It Wasn’t An April Fool

Riot Squad Jim Rawlings, R.I.P.

Riot Squad Lionheart R.I.P.

Riot Squad Llew Roberts

Riot Squad Local Heroes

Riot Squad Memories from James Morton

Riot Squad Mick Collins, R.I.P.

Riot Squad Mike Agusta

Riot Squad Mohammed Yakub

Riot Squad Rene Lasartesse R.I.P.

Riot Squad Reunion Memories

Riot Squad Sandy Soutar, R.I.P.

Riot Squad The Father of Wrestling

Riot Squad The Wrestler and the Sausage

Riot Squad Top Masked Men of Wrestling

Riot Squad Vera Hoggarth, R.I.P.

Riot Squad Vince Apollo

Riot Squad Website Help

Riot Squad Welsh Wizardry

Riot Squad Wrestling Heritage Awards

Riot Squad Wrestling in Hanley

Riot Squad Wrestling in Margate

Riot Squad Wrestling in Perth

Riot Squad Wrestling in Reading

Riot Squad Wrestling in Worcester

Romeo A Large Wrestling Ring or a Small Ring. Which did you Prefer?

Romeo Canadian Lumberjack Matches

Romeo Dale Martin International

Romeo Did anybody see a complete bill consisting of just one weight division?

Romeo Did the Heavyweight division eventually lose...”

Romeo Did Your Local Venue Have a Regular Refree?

Romeo Doors Open 6.45pm-Commences 7.45 PM

Romeo Great Wrestling Feuds-which was your favourite?

Romeo How Did Wrestlers from Continental Europe Compare?

Romeo If the Mountevans style was never introduced would it have been the death knell for wrestling in this country?

Romeo If there were ever a Tag Team Champions Belt?

Romeo In the Mountevans years would you have attended a wrestling show without a decent heavyweight contest on the bill?

Romeo In Their Heyday who was the Bigger Draw...

Romeo Jon Guildon

Romeo Ladder Matches

Romeo Light-Heavyweight,Mid-Heavyweight,Junior Heavyweight and Cruiser Weight.Who was the best crowd puller of all these British Champions.

Romeo Masked Tag Teams

Romeo Masked wrestlers you wished you had seen live.

Romeo Mick McManus as Co-Commentator to Kent Walton

Romeo Moves from the top of the corner post

Romeo Native American wrestlers and those who used that ring character.

Romeo Rare Matches that You Would Have Like To See

Romeo Rounds or No Rounds, Which Did You Prefer?

Romeo Should they have added a super heavyweight division,say over 20 stones,when wrestlers became so big?

Romeo Submission only bouts – has anyone seen one?

Romeo Tag Team Gimmicks

Romeo Were Britains technical wrestlers the best in the world?

Romeo Were the giant super heavies a big draw?

Romeo Were there other wrestling cartels before or after Joint Promotions were formed?

Romeo What Was The Best Number of Rounds for A Bout?

Romeo When should Big Daddy have called it a day?

Romeo Which British heavyweight would have made a great British champion but never was?

Romeo Which Halls Must Have Been A Nightmare?

Romeo Which heavyweight would have made a great masked villain if he had been encouraged?

Romeo Which heavyweight,in your opinion,looked physically like a heavyweight should look?

Romeo Which Independent wrestlers would you liked to have seen on Joint bills?

Romeo Which Japanese wrestlers would you have liked to have seen in British rings?

Romeo Which non British masked wrestler best drew the crowds?

Romeo Which North American wrestlers would you have liked to have seen in British rings?

Romeo which ONE wrestler would you most like to have met socially?

Romeo Which Overseas wrestler,in your opinion,was the most technically gifted?

Romeo Which Overseas wrestlers gave British wrestling a much needed boost?Which Overseas wrestlers gave British wrestling a much needed boost?

Romeo Which tough,no nonsense wrestler,who just about erred on the right side of the rules,did you enjoy most?

Romeo Which Venues Held Christmas Spectaculars

Romeo Which was your favourite large venue/hall?

Romeo Which Wrestler Had The Most Wins By A KO

Romeo Which Wrestler Had The Most Wins By Submission

Romeo Which wrestler,in your opinion,was the most exciting to watch?

Romeo Which wrestlers could bring the crowd to their feet with one move?

Romeo Which Wrestlers Could Work Heel or Hero?

Romeo Which wrestlers had the 'judo' monicker when they were billed?

Romeo Which wrestlers looked a lot bigger in their street clothes than in the ring?

Romeo Which wrestlers started as lightweight and eventually became full blown heavyweight?

Romeo Which Wrestlers Were Absolutely Invaluable To Promoters?

Romeo Which Wrestlers Were Approachable to the Fans?

Romeo Who was the best crowd pulling British wrestler who was never a champion?

Romeo Who Was The Best Drawing British Clean Wrestler?

Romeo Who Was The Best Drawing Wrestler Ever?

Romeo Who Was Your favourite Wrestler from the European Continent

Romeo Who Were The Promoters Right Hand Men?

Romeo Who,in your opinion,was the best drawing British babyface/hero?

Romeo Who,in your opinion,was the fittest wrestler of them all?

Romeo Why is Wrestling So Addictive and Infectious

Romeo Why were wrestlers from 'The Orient' or those with that ring character,such a big draw?

Romeo Would Wrestling Have Survived Without the Heels

Romeo Wrestlers who wrestled more than once on the same bill.

Romeo Wrestling territories

Ron Historyo 4 New Galleries London Area

Ron Historyo Al Nicol....Champ

Ron Historyo Bartley Promotions

Ron Historyo British Heavyweight Champions 1960 – 75

Ron Historyo Dr Death Debut

Ron Historyo Free Trades Hall and Peterloo

Ron Historyo George DeRelwyskow Senior

Ron Historyo Girl Grapplers....Unfinished Business

Ron Historyo Jack Pye Comeback

Ron Historyo Kendo’s Toughest Opponent

Ron Historyo Mick v Jackie 1950's

Ron Historyo Sutton In Ashfield

Ron Historyo The Independents

Ron Historyo Wartime Wrestling

Ruslan Pashayev 'Cordite Conroy’ or ‘Cordite Controys’ ???

Ruslan Pashayev “Fit” Finlay Title

Ruslan Pashayev 1909/10 Lonsdale catch-as-catch can Gold Enamel Championship Belt is Back

Ruslan Pashayev 1920's Golden Era of Lancashire Wrestling under the LCAWA

Ruslan Pashayev 1930 NWAssn World Title Match

Ruslan Pashayev 1930s Promoters and their Champs.

Ruslan Pashayev 1941 Title Change. Gregory v Baer

Ruslan Pashayev 1942. Charity Wrestling.Silver Cup

Ruslan Pashayev 1957 British Empire Cup

Ruslan Pashayev 1960 Belle Vue Trophy

Ruslan Pashayev 1965 Wryton Silver Trophy. Winner: E.Riley.

Ruslan Pashayev 1972 – Bolton – One Night KO

Ruslan Pashayev 1973 Wryton Tourney – Winner Keith Martinelli

Ruslan Pashayev 1980 Wryton Trophy

Ruslan Pashayev Adam Ridings Grave

Ruslan Pashayev Al Martinelli Euro Title. When did that happen?

Ruslan Pashayev Amateur Wrestling in Lancashire

Ruslan Pashayev American Style 1931 – Londos v Steele

Ruslan Pashayev American Style Pro Wrestling. Stecher v Caddock

Ruslan Pashayev Assirati, 1942 or 1945?

Ruslan Pashayev Bartelli passed his Commonwealth Title?

Ruslan Pashayev Belle Vue Trophy 1960 – Ron’s Gallery

Ruslan Pashayev Billy Joyce - British Hwt Champion - First Reign

Ruslan Pashayev Blackfriars Ring Champions

Ruslan Pashayev Bolton May 20th, 1961 KO Tourney

Ruslan Pashayev Bonnie Allan Muir

Ruslan Pashayev British Hwt Title. Wall v Davies. Purring Is Back !!!

Ruslan Pashayev BWAssn Hwt Title – Judo Al Hayes

Ruslan Pashayev Cordite Conroy – 1947

Ruslan Pashayev Daddy’s Belt

Ruslan Pashayev Dangerous Danny Lynch

Ruslan Pashayev December 18th, 1965 Belle Vue Unification Match. Joyce v Davies

Ruslan Pashayev Did Gerry Hogan Hold Any Title?

Ruslan Pashayev Did Jim McKenzie hold any title?

Ruslan Pashayev Douglas Clark (Huddersfield) v George Gregory

Ruslan Pashayev Ernest Baldwin Lord Mount Evans HWT Champion of Great Britain

Ruslan Pashayev European Lightweight Title, early 1970

Ruslan Pashayev First Mount Evans Title

Ruslan Pashayev First Mount Evans Title – 1950

Ruslan Pashayev Fred Oberlander Pro Wrestler ???

Ruslan Pashayev Fred Woolley

Ruslan Pashayev Gentleman Jim Lewis

Ruslan Pashayev George Finnie of Portsmouth

Ruslan Pashayev George Finnie of Portsmouth-Titles

Ruslan Pashayev Hanley, 70s Wrestling Programme.

Ruslan Pashayev Happy New Belt !!!

Ruslan Pashayev Harley Race is Doing Well !!!

Ruslan Pashayev Harry Fields-Middleweight Title Holder

Ruslan Pashayev Highland Games Wrestling. Does it qualify as being a pro wrestling???

Ruslan Pashayev Ian Gilmour Title

Ruslan Pashayev Images of the North Counties Boxing Belt

Ruslan Pashayev Jack Taylor of Accrington

Ruslan Pashayev Jim Londos is Back – 1938 !!!

Ruslan Pashayev Jock Ward Oakeley's British Hwt Champion

Ruslan Pashayev Joe Cornelius, Southern Area Hwt Champion

Ruslan Pashayev Last Professional Catch-as-catch-can Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain?

Ruslan Pashayev Lord Lonsdale Catch as Catch Can Belts

Ruslan Pashayev Mel Rees (Riss), Jim Breaks and Mountevans Belt

Ruslan Pashayev Mick McMichael is BACK !!!

Ruslan Pashayev Mick McMichael Titles

Ruslan Pashayev Mike Marino Titles. 1950s-60s-70s.

Ruslan Pashayev Oakeley's BWAssn Rules1035

Ruslan Pashayev Oakeley’s BWAssn Rules

Ruslan Pashayev Open Championship Belt – 1971.

Ruslan Pashayev Pat Roach Belt

Ruslan Pashayev Photo of Ernie Riley with the Wryton Trophy, 1965

Ruslan Pashayev Pye Bros and Wryton Belt

Ruslan Pashayev Ray Hunter 1957 Tourney Victory.

Ruslan Pashayev Ray Hunter's Opponent in the KO Tourney Final

Ruslan Pashayev Rene Ben Chemoul

Ruslan Pashayev Royal Albert Hall - World Title Match - Finlay v Wanz.

Ruslan Pashayev Southern Area Heavyweight Title

Ruslan Pashayev Southern Area Heavyweight Title (South of London, on Dale Martin Promotion Shows)

Ruslan Pashayev Stamford Hall of Altrincham

Ruslan Pashayev Steve Clements Titles

Ruslan Pashayev Syed Saif Shah – 1966

Ruslan Pashayev Taylor Family Kept the Belt

Ruslan Pashayev The Beaumont Brothers: Arthur, Jack and Cliff

Ruslan Pashayev The Belle Vue Trophy 1963

Ruslan Pashayev The College Boy of Cambridge

Ruslan Pashayev The Fastest Ring Sport Ever – 1967

Ruslan Pashayev The Holy Grail of French Wrestling Sold dor 20.000 Euro

Ruslan Pashayev The Man of Three Belts

Ruslan Pashayev The Story of Catch. New Edition and Paperback.

Ruslan Pashayev The Wryton Belt – 1908 – 1971

Ruslan Pashayev Tony Mancelli and British Hwt Title 1955

Ruslan Pashayev Very Interesting Bill...Nov 1960.

Ruslan Pashayev Vic Faulkner’s Style of Wrestling

Ruslan Pashayev Vic Hessle Titles and Trophies

Ruslan Pashayev Wellingborough Trophy

Ruslan Pashayev Welterweight Title Eliminations

Ruslan Pashayev Which Title is That?

Ruslan Pashayev White Horse Trophy?

Ruslan Pashayev Who is Wrestler on the front cover of this Wrestling Review of BWF

Ruslan Pashayev Wrestling at Warrington, early 1960s-70s

Ruslan Pashayev Wrestling at Wigan Baths Hall, Millgate

Ruslan Pashayev Wrestling Magazines: The Champion, early 70s

Ruslan Pashayev Wrestling on Christmas Day

Ruslan Pashayev Wryton Belt 1972/73

Ruslan Pashayev Wryton Promotions Season

Sapper James (Howard m) Paula Valdez

Sapper James (Howard m) Send In the Girls – The Wild Bunch

SaxonWolf Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, (Toy) fame at last!

SaxonWolf Early Amateur Wrestling in Bolton - Belts and Titles

SaxonWolf RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund

SaxonWolf RIP Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer

SaxonWolf Secret Agents,the SAS and Joint Promotions!

SaxonWolf Vic Faulkner Article

SaxonWolf Wrestling Memoirs

Sebastian Johnny Saint/Kent Walton/Jim Breaks

Smithyfoldbarn Big Mike McGurn & The Great Boule

stevenbellwrites Douglas Clark and the beginning of British pro-wrestling

The Ost Colston Hall Trophy

The Ost Paul Lincoln Promotions (photo heavy topic)

TokyoFist Young Atlas – Bradford

Tom H Billy Two Rivers

Tom H Partners or Opponents

Tom H What Time Does the Show End?

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Yorkie Can anyone confirm the identity of the wrestler with black hair.

Yorkie Hardcore Wrestling Similar To American Companies

Yvonne.m.baker Harry Anaconda aka H.J. Purvis

In my 80s ...well in,....I have memories of the Amateur cum olympic sport ....and as in charge of the old YMCA mats where the Pros practiced and occasionally SHOOT .....such as Gordon Nelson shooting with Gordienko. ..and a famous in private Mat "discussion " between Ken Richmond (Mr Gong) & Assirati. .....




I speak of the 1960s.

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