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Oct 30

Wrestler of the Month Coupons


In the World Cup thread there is a picture of the TV Times from July 1966 informing the viewers that there is a "Wrestler of the Month Coupon" on page 24.Does anyone know how long the TV Times ran this what response levels it achieved and who became wrestlers of the month?



The winners received what was variously called the Cloak of Gold, the Coat of Gold and something else that slips my mind.


It was won by clean wrestlers such as Vic Faulkner, Les Kellett and Colin Bennett.


I think at lasted for about a year.

Oct 30

Thanks for the reply. It would be interesting to know how many fans returned the coupons

Oct 30

This is what I have. There is a well-known photo of Faulkner with the gown/coat (more of a cape really):

World Of Sport Coat of Gold / Golden Gown

(Awarded for Wrestler of the month) 1966-67

Les Kellett

Jon Cortez

Kalman Gaston

Vic Faulkner (three times winner)

Mike Eagers (three times winner)

Winner of voting of these wrestlers was awarded TV’s Wrestler of the Year which was Vic Faulkner

Oct 30

I guess once again, this goes to show how big and how mainstream wrestling was in the UK, in the 1960's.

Oct 30

My list only has nine winners. I wonder if there was a full twelve.

As well as Colin Bennett who did, I would have thought that Steve Viedor would have won it.


Then of course, how legit was the published result? The promoters would have found it difficult to resist fiddling the outcome.

Nov 1Edited: Nov 1

Pleased Kalman Gaston and Mike Eagers are listed. Increases my confidence it may be legit. Also Colin Bennett was not on TV in 1966 it would be Mike Bennett who won

Yes, Mike, I was distracted by the recent thread



Nov 1

In a more innocent era most fans would accept the results as legit

I remember seeing a picture of a youthful Vic Faulkner in the famous gold gown.

Here you go, Graham.


But this sets the cat amongst the pigeons with the Wrestler of the Year gown. Now, how many won that, I wonder?



7 days ago

I assume this was 1966.How many other years had a wrestler of the year?

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