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Jul 4



Owning your own Motor back in the 1960's wasn't a 'Luxury' everyone could afford!

But some Successful Wrestlers initially invested in 'wheels' to get themselves and other

Wrestler Pals to Venues as well as 'Customising' their Cars as Promotional 'Status

Symbols'!-A Prime Example of the latter was JACKIE PALLO Who went as far as using his

Trade Mark Logo on his SAAB!

COUNT BARTELLI was actually the Recipient of the Gift of a SPORTS CAR with his Name

Emblazoned in Gilt on its side.-Ironic really when GEOFF CONDLIFFE was himself involved

in the Quality Motor Business-but never look a 'Gift Horse'......

TONY CASSIO was proud as punch of his newly acquired FORD ZEPHYR-of 'Z-Cars fame!

-And on many an occasion he used it to Chauffeur JACK DALE around!!

There was PETER RANN who had a Snazzy White SPORTS CAR-Reg. No:ZH 4659 Z

to name another!

And then we have the YELLOW LAMBORGHINI Owner.............

Did Anyone see Wrestlers driving in their Cars?



Jul 4










Jul 15

Kendo also owned this Excalibur, which was a fantastic car.


Jul 15

Here are a couple of neat photos, Johnny Czeslaw and his Nash, Bert Royal with his LADA:




@adrianpollard.shangri-la Dear Main Mask, sorry my inquiry will be off-topic. by any chance do you have any images of the Birmingham wrestler Reg Williams with any trophies (belts or cups)? Photos from the early 1960s. Thanks, R

@ruslan-pashayev -I'll have a look for you RUSLAN-and get back to you if I find Anything!

Will you Appear by Magic to join Us at the KENT REUNION this Year?



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Nov 7

Going to add some wrestlers with cars images here, including some more gems from Dave C.










Many Thanx for these Cool Additions MR.OST!-I too have some more!-I'll dig 'em out soon-

one is PETER RANN with his Sports Jobby!

I'm busy with next Week's FORUM TOPICS at the minute-Got some Cool Threads coming




Nov 7

Norman Walsh drove an M G saloon.

Norman Morrell had a pearl green Lincoln Convertible with a huge boot.

I saw loads of wrestlers arrive in cars,because I always waited to see them come in, but I can't remember any of them now.

Nov 10

Big Daddy in a Bubble Car?

No Hack, but did see Shirley in an Austin A40 in his "battling guardsman" days, complete with Walt Disney stickers, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & Co!

Nov 12Edited: Nov 12

Mr Czeslaw's Mk 1 Capri would be worth a fortune now, even if they did break down every ten miles.


Loving Bertrums Lada ... oh me ribs!

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