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Oct 29



Following on from the recently posed Question regarding Evidence of LOU THESZ

Wrestling MIKE MARINO-Nowhere near the same Class-to a 1-1 Draw-I was rummaging in

my Vault and came across a BILL for LEEDS Featuring BUDDY ROGERS taking on


A Fantastic 7 Bout Programme with RELWYSKOW/GREEN 'Proudly Announcing' this Show

as BUDDY'S ONLY Appearance in EUROPE!!

And Supported by 2 Great Tag-Team Matches to boot!

Wish i'd been there for this Great Show!-Maybe POWERLOCK was?

Flyer to follow!



Oct 29

This may have been a 'no show' from Rogers.Not sure he actually came to the U.K at all MM.

You could be right ROMEO!-I certainly don't remember this myself-and at the time I was Living

in MANCHESTER and was then getting into Wrestling Big Style having started Attending Live Shows regularly the Year before in 1966!

As you will see-there seems to have been quite a lot of Hype' about this one-off ROGERS

Appearance!-We must also remember that QUEENS HALL was a MECCA Venue for 'Big'

Fights during the '60's!-For example the MASK vs. MASK Clash between THE MASK and the


I'll endeavour to dig deeper on this one!



Oct 29

Seems unlikely he would visit Europe for one match

Oct 29

If he did come to the UK, I would have thought it would have appeared in a Wrestling magazine at that time, and I also think one of us would have known about it?


I could be wrong of course.


I only see results for Buddy Rogers in Canada, in March 1967.


Not saying it didn't happen, but it would be a surprise if he was really here.

Well if you're right SAX?-RELWYSKOW/GREEN were extremely Naughty weren't they?

Selling the Show out-no doubt-when ROGERS was never going to Appear?-Not knowing the

'Facts'-I don't know-but if he was NEVER going to turn up-in my opinion this represents at

least a Gross Subterfuge!-And anyway for me the TRUTH is more Important than the 'Facts'

Please see also my reply to BERNARD on this one!



Oct 29

Without seeing the bill, could it have been a different Buddy Rogers?

As you will see the BILL has a Photo of ROGERS wearing his BELT!-So they were at least

PROMOTING the Genuine Article?!



Oct 29

Sorry Mask but I was only 9years old, it was a school night and I lived just outside Newcastle so it was a no show for me, if I rightly remember my dad was working away a lot that year so any shows I went to were with my grandad

Not to worry POWER!-I knew it was a long shot! Hope you didn't get Homework at 9 Years old?!



Oct 29

I agree that it would be very strange of Relwyskow and Green to promote something that was not going to happen, maybe they had an agreement and he didn't appear, or maybe he really did?


First I (and it seems, everyone else) have heard of it?

Oct 29

I don't recall any build up in "The Wrestler" magazine, which, being the "official monthly of the European Wrestling Alliance" (which Arthur Green was behind, I think?), would also make it odd.


Just my two penn'orth

Ditto SAX!-I pretty much know off by heart all the Main Articles in the WRESTLER Magazines-

don't recall any write-ups on this!- Just THINK of the MONEY they would have to have paid to

'Lure' him to LEEDS-Mega-Bucks no doubt!



Oct 29

He didn't appear. Billy Robinson KO'd Davies instead. In 1967 Rogers was suffering from heart problems, and hardly wrestling at all so not surprising he didn't travel across the Atlantic.

Oct 29

Finding this poster is a Heritage Holy Grail Main Mask.


This match did not take place, even though I remember it well. I just see that The Ost has beat me to it by seconds.

Thanx HACK!-Forgot I even had it!-The point remains though if he didn't come-and I'm sure you and OST must be correct-it still remains that they STILL PROMOTED his Appearance when

surely they MUST have known he wasn't FIT to Wrestle because of Heart Problems?/

So what was going on here?



Oct 29

@adrianpollard.shangri-la As you'll see below it was implied that the expectation was that he was expected to have turned up. Of course, that could have been the promoter trying to make the best of a bad job.

Oct 29

As I was saying before interrupted by our friend Mr Ost. I remember the match was previewed in the Lancashire Evening Post. It was said that Rogers would do just the one match in Britain as a consolation for failing to turn up on a planned visit around 1963/4 that was cancelled due to his car crash. If I remember right the previous was even on the sports pages which was quite something.


Anyway, on the night the MC, George DeRelwyskow I think, got in the ring to say that Rogers had failed to appear. He said they had been let down and as a result Rogers would never appear in one of his shows again, not that there was any chance. As The Ost says, Bill Robinson substituted and knocked out Davies. When I asked Gwyn Davies about the match a few years ago he said he couldn't even remember the planned match.

Oct 29

Hi MM . re. your last post. Bums on seats is often the answer.

Yes BERNARD-but Billing THE NATURE BOY-an ex-WORLD Champion KNOWING they

couldn't Deliver and then Announcing on the Nite with the Venue Full that he's not even in the

Country never mind in LEEDS-is don't you think VERY Naughty and ran the Risk of seriously Back-Firing on them!!- I bet that more than a few demanded their Money back/!



Oct 29

There is even a nice bit of poetic licence on the poster, billing him as 6ft 3!, I think was about 5ft 10 if that.

Good point SAX! A bit of Embellishment is fine in Sport and Fans generally accepted this!

Where I used to lose my Rag a bit was when they called STEVE LOGAN a Heavyweight for

example! This was going too far stretching the realms of Reality too far! I felt this kind of

Uber Exaggeration could damage the Integrity of the Sport!-Height within reason you could get away with- but WEIGHT was a different matter altogether!!



Oct 30

We don't know at what point they didn't know they couldn't deliver. It might have been last minute. It would help if we could access the newspaper adverts

If my memory is right the newspaper preview was only a few days before the match.

Yes HACK-But SURELY SOME Planning needed to be in place? Getting him over here for one!-

Also Accommodation and I think at least his Expenses would have had to be paid in Advance?-

they couldn't really SEND him and his Party Plane Tickets thru the Post?

I also reckon the 'Contract' would have called for half-probably ALL his Mega-Bucks Fee up

front also??-Back then this all took TIME!...-And 'Wiring' him the Dosh would have been really

'Risky' in terms of 'retrieving it' if it fell thru!



Oct 30Edited: Oct 30

Arthur Green is supposed to have visited the USA in 1960/1961, and seen NWA Champ Pat O'Connor in a bout in front of 12,000 spectators. He apparently had a meeting with NWA President Sam Muchnick in St. Louis where they discussed bringing Pat O'Connor and Buddy Rogers to the UK.


This could all be hokum of course, after all, we are talking about Professional Wrestling!


Sam Muchnick was NWA President in 1960, but not in 1961. The article where the above was mentioned was in the TV Times in September 1961, but could have been referencing an earlier meeting from a year ago, hard to say.


My point being that if the above is true, then Arthur Green probably was in contact with Buddy Rogers and probably did genuinely believe that he would turn up in the UK.

But what about OST'S point about ROGERS having Heart problems SAX?

If true-can't have been a 'Secret' surely? So= BUDDY BOY WASN'T FIT to Wrestle?

I'd like to think-to be generous that this wasn't a Huge 'Hoodwink' Exercise-to put it 'kindly'-

unless of course ROGERS'S Health Issues came on suddenly midway thru 'Negotiations'?



Oct 30

Rogers had a mild heart attack in 1963, but did continue to wrestle to the end of the decade.


He wrestled in Canada in 1967, although (anecdotally) they appear to be short matches, which may indicate he still had health issues.


Maybe the length of the flight put him off?

Was this Guy Mad??-SANDY ORFORD aka THE MASK also had a Heart Attack in the mid '60's

and stopped Wrestling immediately!

On Flights-He should have tried LONDON to SINGAPORE-13 Hours x 2 like I've just done SAX-

it was Endless............



Oct 30

I've done Manchester to New Zealand MM, it was even longer on the way back as we were delayed in Singapore for seven hours!


Only a nine hour flight for me tomorrow, which seems nothing these days!

Oct 30

Caribbean, this is a holiday, not work (for once!) I will be in the USA end of November/early December for work.

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