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Oct 27

Lee Sharron

Oct 27

a good no nonsense wrestler who more than held his own with the best. wrestling Bill's always looked better with him on. R.I.P. Lee

Oct 28



Did we ever uncover who he really was?, I seem to remember his daughters were called Lorraine and Sharon, and I guess he used those names to come up with Lee Sharron?

I can remember seeing him on tv against Gora Tanaka

I am very sorry to hear of Lee Sharron's passing. He was one of the first wrestlers I ever saw live when I went with father to TV tapings by Wryton filmed at Prestatyn Holiday Camp. I sat as a little boy with dad watching him working with Les Kellett; little realising that some twenty years down the line I would be promoting the bout myself.

Indeed, Lee was on my very first promotion in January 1976 at The Public Hall in Wilmslow. He opened the show against Roy St.Clair and closed it in a tag match (partnered by Abe Ginsberg against Roy and brother Tony). He wrestled several times for me in the ensuing decade and occasionally provided the ring as well. One such was the unlikely tag match at The Parr Hall, Warrington, in which he and Klondyke Jim were the blue eyes against villainous Lincolnshire Poachers Bill and Rick Clarke (Rick Wiseman).

I recall promoting him against Kellett and he was disqualified by myself as referee. Kellett threw him out and he climbed back on the apron. Kellett charged towards him to throw him back in and was met by a punch to the stomach which caused the disqualification. I had suggested that he pick up a chair at ringside and throw it into the ring at which point I would disqualify him. Both Sharron and Kellett regarded my suggestion with total contempt (things like this just weren't done in British rings in the seventies) and put me in my place informing me that they were the professionals and they would work the ending out between themselves.

An excellent worker. Usually the villain but I recall matching him at Halton British Legion with Majid Ackra and they did a scientific bout. I also recall seeing him at Brent Town Hall in Wembley against "Sir" Alan Garfield where he was the blue eye. He will be much missed.

Oct 28



I only ever ever saw him as a villain so am surpised to read above so many memories of Lee Sharron wrestling clean.


He was a great villain, unsmiling, thuggish.


Yet very friendly when signing autographs.


A mainstay in my eyes and another to miss greatly.





Oct 28

R.I.P. Lee.

Oct 28

I'm sorry to hear of Lee's death. He was an entertaing wrestler, invariably playing the villian. I recall one time at Morecambe Winter Gardens in the early 1970's, when he and Roy St Clair comprised the opening contest and he was soon up to his tricks. An elderly lady in the theatre box just above the ring was screaming constant abuse at Lee, who suddenly stopped, looked up and shouted "Shaddup you old bag!" That certainly silenced her. Incidentally, on that occasion he was announced as the Jewish Heavyweight Champion. St Clair won the bout 2-1.

I remember Lee Sharron well. Firstly from Kent Walton’s book This Grappling Game, and secondly from a televised tag bout with King Ben versus the Royal Brothers. A great heel.

Oct 29

I too only remember Lee Sharron as a villain. Part of the important backbone that kept wrestling going. R.I.P.

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