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Nov 6



Certain Ring Styles,Ring Antics and Ringcraft don't always gel and dovetail into those of another Wrestler not matter how well known!

In the Opposite Case you get multiple Bouts between the same Protagonists because their

Styles are so suited!-Hence we only know of ONE Bout between KENDO NAGASAKI and

LES KELLETT-even KENDO Himself can only recall the ONE!!

KELLETT rarely Lost-KENDO NEVER Lost-and the Comedy Routine just simply didn't Work

against KENDO'S Ruthless and Murderous Tactics of Attack!


To start with similarly Weighted-so Credible there!-ROCCO often mentions LES in Interviews

-saying how most of the Wrestlers were 'scared to death' of him as he was 'rock hard'!!

But did ROCCO ever Fight KELLETT? I certainly don't recall such a Bout in the early/mid '70's! Surely a complete Clash of Styles?-Although MARK 'reluctantly'-as he says-went along

with the BIG DADDY Circus for awhile before 'escaping' to JAPAN- ROCCO was a SERIOUS

no nonsense Wrestler with a 100 m.p.h. Work Rate and Punishing Ring Style!

Would it have been a Case of even 'rock hard' LES getting a Beating!-We hear of KING BEN

being sick in the bucket during a Fight with ROCCO!-KUNG FU took a few Beatings not to mention the Wars MARTY JONES had with the MEAN MACHINE!

Maybe RON can unearth this Match?

Did Anyone else Witness such a Clash?

I can't see that it could have 'Worked' myself!




Nov 6Edited: Nov 6

I can't find Kellett v Rocco , would have thought it happened but there are others that are similar. Logan and Ginsberg also seem to have been avoided, but maybe it was the styles. Also Billy Howes.

I watched Rocco from his debut and he was all about speed. Initially he might have been thirteen stone and seldom did he fight anyone heavier. Marty Jones was a little heavier and also a nice safe bout with Colin Joynson and Marino, but he met an awful lot of lighter men such as Dynamite , John Naylor , Catweazle.

After I had stopped watching , I know Rocco did all this blood stuff with Kendo and Tony StClair and as always with Rocco it looked very real.

But the Rocco I remember would have never have gone in with big men , he was a fantastic non stop intense wrestler.

That's no excuse though for not finding a Kellett match. Kellett did fight a lot of big men, Could it be just styles , maybe it's just my imagination.

Did all the young guys get protected from Kellett. (Jones, Dynamite and Finlay for example)

Great question MM.

Thanx RON!-I'm pretty sure I've got KELLETT vs. GINSBERG somewhere off the top of my

Head!-Perhaps Fanciful in a SOLO Bout!-but I'm fairly certain at least in Tag!

I'll see if I can unearth this!-Also KELLETT vs. HOWES-again-I've a Feeling I've got one of these too!-Hold the Phone!



Nov 6

I couldn't find one either. On the same show quite a bit, but never against each other.

Rocco was still on his way up when Kellett moved over to the independents.

Nov 6

Kellett went to the independents at the end of 1975. Even if he had wrestled Rocco on Joint bills MArk would not yet have become the wrestler we all remember him for.

All the more surprising since Jim Hussey was a fairly frequent Kellett opponent, so a very friendly relationship must have existed.


Could it be that to sell Kellett's routines you needed a good bit of experience?


Could it also be that Kellett or the promoters didn't want to highlight how very aged he was, with heckling like "He could be your grandad" - when he probably indeed could?


Also, Kellett wasn't agile enough to sell their routines.


He certainly seemed to avoid these youngsters, and probably very wisely so.

Bloomin' Heck ANGLO!-This must be a first for me!-I actually find myself agreeing with All

your very Valid Points!-Think you have succinctly elaborated the very Probable Case as to

Why this Match was never Staged!-I wouldn't have liked to see LES on the wrong end of

a couple of ROCCO Piledrivers!!-Not Comical that!!



@adrianpollard.shangri-la I did not see Rocco against Howes or Ginsberg but I did see him against Steve Logan as the opening bout one night at The King's Hall, Belle Vue, during Morrell and Beresford's tenure. Rocco worked as blue eye. I do recall him taking on quite a few larger men in the early seventies. Again at Belle Vue, I saw him face both Colin Joynson and Gil Singh and I recall him facing Honey Boy Zimba at The Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, and Terry Rudge at the Sports Centre, Newark.

@grahambrookjazz -Yes GRAHAM!-I seem to recall ROCCO/JOYNSON at BELLE VUE-still

got the Programme methinks!-Of course COLIN was heavily involved in ROCCO'S Training

for the Ring I do believe!

Regarding ROCCO vs. BILLY HOWES-as I'm pretty certain MARK'S Debut Bout was in 1970-

on his Birthday-MAY 11TH-By this time HOWES must have been closer to the end of his

Wrestling Career and Wrestling less frequently-so Circumstances also conspired against this

particular Match being Staged perhaps!



If he did I'm glad I didn't see it as they just wouldn't be suited to each other. I'd love to see how the Nagasaki v Kellet bout worked, that one was about a strange as it gets.

Yo FRANK!-If you haven't already go to 'The Man behind the MASK talks about LES KELLETT'

on You Tube-PETER Remembers KENDO'S Match with KELLETT and mentions a few other

Snippets about LES!-If you have seen it already-it's always worth a Revisit!



Nov 7

January 5, 1956 in Bristol had Kellett vs Howes billed. October 10, 1956 in Belfast; Kellett b Howes. Two weeks later, same result.

February 21, 1957 in Morecambe; Howes b Kellett

April 10, 1957 in Scunthorpe had Kellett vs Howes billed.

May 5, 1958 in Edinburgh; Kellett b Howes.

May 8, 1958 in Morecambe; Kellett b Howes.

July 22, 1958 in Leeds; Les Kellett & Lew Roseby b Tony Mancelli & Bill Howes (DQ, 2-2)

October 21, 1958 in Bridlington; Kellett b Howes.

June 4, 1959 in Bolton had Kellett vs Howes billed.

October 21, 1959 in Bridlington; Kellett b Howes. (same result a year apart?)


That's what I could find from the 50's.


Thanx for this Info. OST! I've a few '50's Programmes with these two Featured!

Similar Weights-Both very Tough Guys! I saw HOWES in a Cracking Match against

KENDO NAGASAKI at KINGS HALL BELLE VUE-and for once it was 95% Wrestling

rather than HOWES spending the whole BOUT trying to DE-MASK KENDO!



Yep, I have seen it Adrian, wish I'd been to the Kendo talk!.


Nice to see the poster Anglo. Thanks Mate

I am sure that on the TV show, "Everything Stopped at 4 O'Clock", Kellett was very complimentary towards Kendo, am I remembering that correctly?

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