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Oct 29



Coupled with my Current Topic on BERT ROYAL-I don't suppose we can leave out his much Younger Brother!!

WHEN was VIC FAULKNER'S 1ST Professional Bout??-My Information Sources have him

starting about AUGUST 1960-When he was just 16 Years of age!

My earliest Photo of him is a VERY Fresh-Faced VIC from early 1961-and -to DATE- My

earliest Programme that I have for him is BANBURY WEDNESDAY 14TH FEBRUARY 1962-

St. Valentine's Day!- VIC FAULKNER vs. ADRIAN STREET-I may have an earlier one-I'm still ploughing thru tons of Programmes in the Vault!

Bet the Bout against ADRIAN was a Cracker-2 Rising Stars with Something to prove!!

-A Rivalry that was to endure for many Years!

Surely RON can find him in 1961 out of all his BILLS?

It seems Faulkner's Last Solo Bouts were in 1983-can't find him yet in 1984-so a 23 Year

Career then!

I always remember him saying in a post Wrestling Days Interview-'I have to be very Careful

getting up in the Mornings!'-A kind of Haunting Memory for me!

I'm Spoiling FRANK-A Companion Topic on his other 'Favourite' Wrestler!?!

Photo/Programme to follow!



Oct 29

He had singles bouts well into 1984 including a televised match from Wolves against Dave Finlay broadcast in October 1984

Thanx PETER!-I'd lost Interest in the main in the Wrestling at the Time after around 1980-

NO NAGASAKI anymore!-So only attending Live Shows very infrequently-like HACK!

Only have around 200 or so '80's Programmes!-Don't envy FAULKNER Fighting FINLAY with

VIC in the Twilight of his Career and 40!! AND MUCH Lighter!!



Ha ha.Hi Adrain. Never warmed to these two, they didn't look like brothers either. I remember Bertie boy doing his tired old face slap routine on Rocco at Fairfield halls back in the day. He hit Rocco one too many times and you could see Mark was annoyed so he gave Bert one back only about five times as hard which dazed him, I laughed like a drain Bet that one left that huge ego brused. I also saw his doughnut of a brother refuse an autograph to a kid of about ten, there was nobody else asking and it would have taken him all of five seconds but he was obviously far to important for that.

That's Shocking FRANK! The Fans are the Life Blood of any Sport-especially 10 Year old Fans-

can get them for Life!-13 Years between these two-and you're right they DON'T look alike!-VIC

looking much more like his Dad to me?-Makes you wonder doesn't it?-BERTIE being the ONE

Who changed his Ring Name!!??!!-Best not to upset the RIOTS-they Rate the ROYALS the

Number One Tag Team!!-I know beats me too!!

Also BERTIE couldn't 'live' with ROCCO and quite often got a bit of a hiding in their clashes!!

One of the things I didn't like about them was that they allowed their Ring Antics/Style to go

tired and stale!! While ROCCO was an INNOVATOR!!

Once saw them get their Fillings well and truly rattled with four-arm jabs all Bout long from

MCMANUS and LOGAN-a Great Team that the RIOTS only Rated 13th in their List!

I know this one beats me as well!!??!!




Oct 29

June 23rd, 1961, Mick McManus beat Vic Faulkner, will see if I can find anything earlier than that.

Wonderful SAX!-He must have been circa 17 Years old for this one?!

Great find!



Oct 29Edited: Oct 29

Great thread and I can help a lot with the picture here.

If You are Wryton , the tryout place is the Russel Club in Hulme and the other consideration would be Vic's home town of Bolton.

At this time many were learning in the Russel Club such as Ginsberg , and then Joynson , Cutler and Roy StClair who I find working with Vic.

1960 is very early but certainly 1961 I can do you proud.
















The bill below is a cracker with father and two sons in their home town





Thanx as ever RON-Much Appreciated!-It states in the JUNE 1961 Issue of THE WRESTLER

in a Mini-Article about FAULKNER that 'He has been Wrestling now for just under a Year'!

Hence my Main Source for circa AUGUST 1960!



Oct 30

What year is this?

Oct 29

I've often said I wasn't a fan of the Royals. Nothing wrong with them, I just found their squeaky clean image quite nauseating. But I do feel uneasy at reading some of these opinions and feel the need to defend. Thousands of fans (millions if we count the armchair fans) loved them and they brought enjoyment into peoples lives for more than a quarter of a century. Not everyone can be our favourite but they should have credit for their skill and entertainment.

As MODERATING as ever HACK!-Don't think the Opinions are 'Unbalanced' though!-GRAHAM

has really praised BERTIE and No-One is denying their Major Contribution to the Sport!

It's more like the MARINO Debate in that where the Individual 'Rates' them is a Personal




Oct 29

@adrianpollard.shangri-la No I'm not saying they are either Main Mask, and I wasn't saying it from a moderating point of view or being critical. All the opinions were valid, and I've said them all myself in the past. It was just an observation of a gut feeling I had when I read them.

I do find it hard to see Vic wrestling in 1960.

It is just an opinion , but the Russell club in Hulme was a standard route into Wryton Wrestling.

April 61 seems to be his first time although I could have missed one , in fact I am not sure how many bouts they put on. They usually advertised just two with cabaret.

I don't think he would have wrestled in many other venues before this , but just maybe they did put extra bouts on before advertising these boys.

It could also be that he was accepted into the Wryton School in 1960 with the intention of a bout as soon as ready.

Someone out there will have a a much better idea than me what really went on.

Oct 30

I can see matches for him in October & November 1960. Wakefield, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Eltham, Preston.


It might be a matter of double checking to ensure none are 1966 mislabelled.

There is a feature here on Vic https://www.boltonrevisited.org.uk/p-vic-faulkner.html

born 14th July 1944 and they say turned pro at 17.

My Russel club bill beats age seventeen by about three months.

1960 looks a big ask .

I have checked Newcastle 1960 as Ost suggests but no sign of him there.

Very unusual for a wrestler to wrestle at 16 , but Vic did it by a few months. Remains to be seen if he did it any younger.

Oct 30

What is interesting to me is that, if early 1961 is really his start date for wrestling in front of an audience, then he seems to have "fast tracked" to facing McManus in six months?


Just the family connection of Dad and Brother, or did the promoters really see something in him that would make him popular, especially with the growing TV audience?

The right type of nepotism, I'd say, Saxonwolf.


Due to wrestling's very special secret circumstance.


He got the push, got McManus. But the lads knew he could be relied upon to stick around and not let cats out of bags.


That he developed so well - credit to the individual, down to him.

Oct 30

Also surprising that in 1961 he was in the second bill on the card versus Adrian Street

Apologies Hack if my comments about the Royals crossed the line. You are of course right, just because I didn't like them doesn't mean everyone else feels the same. They did indeed do a lot for the sport as did many wrestlers I didn't particularly enjoy.

You'll never know how hard that was …

Oct 30

No need to apologise Frank. I didn't like them either, which is probably I felt guilty.

Just for the love of god don't start a Johnny Saint tread ...

Main Mask.....Your Banbury bill WEDNESDAY FEB 14th equates to 1962 on the calculator. (not 1961)

Yes RON-I know-see the Opener to this Topic above!-The Photo is early 1961!



Apologies , my mistake MM.

Anyway thus far we have him at sixteen years and three months. Not many have ever beaten that.

No worries RON!-OST seems to think he had a few Bouts in late 1960?-I'm busy wading thru

a big pile of 1960's Programmes to see if I've got one!

To be Honest-I've never really paid much attention to the ROYALS in the Past as I used to get really Brassed Off when HELLS ANGELS completely Out-Wrestled them in most of their Tag

Matches and didn't get that many Verdicts!!-I used to go all over the place to watch these 2 Teams Live-PARR HALL WARRINGTON immediately springs to mind one night-a Great Match-

until the REF gave them the Winner when BARNES'S Shoulders WEREN'T flush to the canvas

for 3-Complete Travesty that was! and it was literally done right under my nose in the Front Row!!



Just checked another angle. That date of birth of 14th July 1944 is wrong.

It is not much out but Vic;s birth was registered in quarter 2 of 1944 so birthday between April and end June.

Interesting RON!- Probably no Wrestler's D.O.B. given was cast-iron surefire!-NAGASAKI being

the Best Example-5 Years out!!-No doubt to have the Option of increasing Longevity in the

Sport- but in many cases superceded by Time,Health or major injury anyway!



Oct 30

At least this thread shows that he was top of the bill before and after his tag team years

Oct 30

Not necessarily. I've sent them updates to information and they don't always acknowledge it.

Oct 30

@The Ost Birthdate definitely 14th June. Source was wife Sally. She got in touch just after Vic's death to say it was wrong all over the internet.

Oct 30

That means at the time of his first TV appearance in April 1962 he was seventeen

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