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Nov 5

Which of yesteryears iconic top of the bill clashes would have been most lucrative for the Promoters?


There were plenty of them in that 60's-80's period.However,we must take into account the seat prices rose through each decade.Also.many were oft repeated around the country.The famous Pallo/McManus bouts must have been a good earner for the Promoters.Would any other top of the bill clashes equal them.? your opinions please.

Nov 5

Doctor Death v The White Angel and, dare I mention it, Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks.

Anything featuring Roly poly wobble bott Shirley would have generated a lot in merchandise alone both inside and outside of the ring.

Nov 5Edited: Nov 6

Billy Robinson v Billy Joyce topped at Belle Vue numerous times in the 1960's with titles swapping and changing.



What a bill, Ron! Five top heavyweights all appearing,


I would say that any bill with Ricki Starr was big box office mid-sixties; but agree that Pallo v McManus stands out financially.

Nov 6

The televised Daddy/quinn bout must have been lucrative.Also for monrhs before they cleverly teased us having them face each other in tag bouts but not really getting to grips.

Horrible, horrible times, Romeo. Superficial exploitation immediately understood by everyone.

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