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Nov 3

Which wrestler could continually top the bills longer than anybody else?


I would think Jack Pye would be a good candidate.Your opinions please.

Shirley, Haystacks and Kendo had long runs.

Shirley topped bills courtesy of his brother, he was mid card at best before. Billy Robinson, Jackie Pallo and obviously Mick McManus topped bills for a fair length of time

Nov 3

I'll approach the question a little differently: Who would I have gone out of my way and paid money to see whenever I could? For me, probably Marty Jones. Dave Finlay (had he not left for the US) and Mark Rocco (had his career not been cut short) are also contenders.

Nov 3

Hard to look past Jack Pye.

For me it would be Mark Rocco, Marty Jones, Adrian Street going back a little further Albert Wall and always enjoyed Johnny Eagle

In my memory, Kendo Nagasaki was not a top-of-the-bill performer in the late sixties. Just tremendous value in the main support bout, rather like The Hells Angels at the same time. The promoters were slow to understand their value.


I would nominate Count Bartelli to answer Romeo's question. Topped bills for around 35 years.

Nov 4

I agree Anglo.Bartelli topped bills whether masked or unmasked.George Kidd may also be close.

Nov 5

Black Butcher Johnson had a very long run.

Steve Grey, Bert Royal, Rollerball Mark Rocco, Tony St. Clair.

Nov 7

I think that Jack Pye is a good shout, but I am surprised that no-one has mentioned Bert Assiratti.

Bert topped bills everywhere he went for a long time.

Kendo was one, for sure. McManus and Pallo in the 60's.


Rocco vs Jones seemed to be a regular headliner in my neck of the woods, for a good few years, always value for money.

Lots of different opinions here. But this is a rare one where could actually find the correct answer as we have so many posters and bills in the galleries that we would just need to find the pair with the greatest time gap. Assuring the wrestler was really top of the bill.

Nov 10

Two wrestlers who ALWAYS topped the bill wherever they appeared - Billy Two Rivers and Rikki Starr.

Nov 10

We could do as you say Anglo Italian. But who, apart from us two is that sad? And at the moment I'm not. Kidd was a top of the bill from the early 50s till he finished. Must be a contender. Pye a big name in the thirties, not always top of the bill, fizzled out in the early sixties. McManus for a long time, but impression from Ron's bills not a regular main eventer until mid 60s. Pallo, a shorter period than McManus. I think I'd go with Kidd or Pye.

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