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Nov 8

Wrestlers who dropped DOWN the weight divisions not up.


Normally we are used to wrestlers going up the weight divisions,however there were a fair few who did it the other way and went down the weight divisions.I will start it off by naming Billy Joyce who dropped two divisions from heavyweight to lightheavyweight.Can anyone think of others?

Nov 8

I think that this would normally only happen following an illness.

Can't think of anyone else at the moment ,but I think that there would be a few.

Nov 9

To add to Bernard's nomination, here's an article I've referred to before. Norman Walsh moving down then up a weight. Seems silly to me. Your mileage may vary.




Nov 9

Thanks Ost, I had never seen that article before.

It's obviously quite early in his career, do you have any idea of the date please?

AND obviously Norman Walsh was some-one that I should have thought of in my original post on this thread.


Nov 9

Also ,after his car crash, it looks as if he trimmed down again for the photo of all the JP champions.

Nov 9

Jim Breaks used to oscillate between light and welter. Didn't Mick do similar between welter and middle?

Nov 10

Rikki Starr dropped down to heavymiddle.Sure he was billed as a heavy when he first arrived.

Nov 10

Do you have a year for that article Ost? It mentions Mountevans but the weight divisions mentioned aren't quite the same many of us would remember?

Nov 11Edited: Nov 11

I think it is in the 1952-53 timeframe.Although

I think i've posted that Walsh-Sullivan title bill before but I don't recall where.

Nov 10

Billy Howes after he'd been away

Nov 11

Vic Faulkner had been the European Middleweight Champion for about 5 years before losing it to Mick McManus in 1971 and then later in 1971 Faulkner beat Adrian Street to win the vacant British Welterweight title.

Another, perhaps more striking example, is Alan Dennison, who I read challenged Bert Royal for the British Middleweight title in 1965, he was then listed in the early 1970's Wrestler magazine ratings as a Heavy-Middleweight and when I started watching wrestling in 1977, Kent Walton said he weighed 14 stone and so was a Light-Heavyweight and then in 1980 he beat Jim Breaks to win the British Welterweight title!

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