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Jun 16

Wrestling and Wrestling Posters in Films


We have discussed lots of films over the years: The Touchables, the Seven Ages of Nakedness, the Cuckoo Patrol, the Night and the City, A Kid For Two Farthings, and others. I was looking for the main thread.


I've just discovered another and this one is Academy Award nominated. Lots of posters of Wimbledon Palais and Guildford and a wrestling bout in the middle of the picture.


Morgan - A Suitable Case for Treatment. 1966.


It's doing the rounds on Talking Pictures at the moment.


Just goes to underline the mainstream importance of wrestling in the mid-sixties that a psychological film would use wrestling as one of its backdrops.




Jun 16

The Reckoning [1969] is also on Talking Pictures 18 June 2019 with short clips of bouts including Don Stedman/Spencer Churchill/Tony Charles and Jackie Pallo

Slightly off the subject but posters got everywhere. I remember Anglo chuckling at this one a good few years back.

It was in a comic.....Roy of the Rovers


Jun 16

what about Johnny Cougar the Seminole wrestler?

Jun 17

Johnny Cougar seemed to keep going for years

Jun 17

Discovered from another site that Johnny Cougar was a wrestler between 1962-1985 when Tiger stopped printing .A real Golden Era wrestler

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Jun 16

the original Highlander film had a wrestling bout featured near the start of the movie, the wrestling was American I think AWA and if my memory hasn't failed me the Fabulous Freebirds were one of the teams

Jun 17

Re "Highlander": It was indeed AWA with the original three-man Freebirds team going against the HIgh Flyers (Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell).

Thanks Peter, I caught The Reckoning. Joe D'Orazio, too!


Docker Don was very hard-hitting.

The 1960’s Roman Polanski film Repulsion, starring Catherine Deneuve. The film, features a great tag wrestling bout with Aussie Rebel Ray Hunter dishing out the punishment. Classic..

Jun 19Edited: Jun 19

Thanks Graham. I wikied Repulsion and it sounds like my type of film - I'll look forward to seeing it one day.


It's interesting to make and extend the list like this: but, for me, this thread isn't just about these films and the wrestlers in them.


For me, all these films, in a very concise date range, just go to show the importance of professional wrestling in the period we describe and strive to keep alive. The last few entries alone have us rubbing shoulders with Dame Vanessa Redgrave and Roman Polanski - and The Reckoning is apparently a classic for some (I must confess I was on FFwd).


Just ten years later and the thought of Big Daddy appearing in The Godfather III would be absurd. Wrestling had shot its bolt by then.


But in the sixties it, or rather "we", were mainstream. When I get around to doing my doctorate on sixties wrestling, this thread will provide an empirical basis on which to prove its importance.


We've already pinpointed radio references (Hancok's Half Hour "The Grappling Game") and tv (Coronation Street for example): film is a very varied source, too.


Keep'em coming!

Jun 20

There was an episode of "Last of the Summer Wine" with a poster featuring a top of the bill clash between Pat Roach and The Iron Greek.

Jun 20

There was a number of wrestling posters in Sid's Café over the years whilst John Comer was alive (he played Sid). Once the café ws revamped the posters stopped appearing

Jun 22

The clip in Revulsion seems to show an evening broadcast and there was a belief that the matches shown in the evening were were rougher,tougher and more legitimate.The finall evening broadcast in 1977 and the rise of Crabtree marked a transition to a period were Professional Wrestling was seen as childrens entertainment and closed it off off to a whole section of its original fan base

In case you are interested, the famous Jackie Pallo episode of The Avengers is showing on the True Movies channel on Friday 2nd August at 4.00 am. Well worth videoing.

Billy Robinson and Lord Jan Blears in "The Wrestler" film, along with lots of American wrestlers.


I had never heard of this film before discovering it today.


Has anyone seen it?

I think you mean the Micky Rourke one Anglo.

I watched it but my own opinion is that I would not watch it again.

Maybe loosely based on Randy Savage some said.

Nov 8Edited: Nov 8

No it's the 1974 film with Ed Asner in the main role a lot of wrestlers play themselves including Don Muracao, Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo McDaniels, and a lot of top US wrestlers from the era. The Lord also appeared in episodes of Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-0

7 days ago

At least the Micky Rourke film was mainstream in that he revived an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role

Remember it now Powerlock , would need to get in the mood to sit through it again , can't really remember it although lots of wrestling action.

radio shows were mentioned earlier in this thread , one to add is the clitheroe kid and the episode ' half Nelson, half Alfie ' and it's on YouTube

Nov 9

This topic coming back up brought something semi-related to the front of my mind. On the opening night of Channel 4 back in 1982, they had a film called "Walter". I recall seeing in the end credits the name "John Czeslaw" and wondering if it was the "Polish Eagle" himself?

It was indeed Johnny Czeslaw

7 days ago

At least the Micky Rourke film was mainstream in that he received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a leading role

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